Lucia Fraser


Siglufjörður I.JPG

Lucia Fraser is a multidisciplinary artist specialising in painting and ceramics. Finding inspiration from the natural world she creates work that is gestural and expressive with a freedom of form that often journeys into abstraction. Her recognisable mark making transfers from canvas to ceramic in a fluid painterly style.

Standing in the shadow of a mountain or at the edge of a the sea is something very special. We are reminded of the power of nature and it feels like an honour to be in this setting. The pieces I create are an expression of this feeling. Anything is possible within the composition of the paintings themselves and they can evolve to become entirely abstract works. Each viewing is meant to offer a new view - as standing in front of a vast sea will always give you a different perspective, depending on the time of day and light, weather conditions. The viewer can find what they want to see.

Lucia graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2005.


2019 Jagged Art Gallery | London Craft Week | Marylebone

2018 Ceramics Fair at Barbican Openfest

2018 Solo show at Chalice Gallery, London

2018 Ceramic Showcase at Host of Leyton

2017 Keramos - London Design Festival 

2017 Beside the Wave London Summer Open 

2015 Land & Sea at Horsebridge Arts Centre

2015 British Art Portfolio group show

2013 Solo show at the Tabernacle, London 

2011 Group show at RED gallery, London 

2010 Solo show at Staacks gallery, West Kirby 

2010 Affordable Art Fair London, Battersea 

2005 EMERGE group show at The Wyvern